Subdivision Detailed Design

Meticulous attention to design details and project management

At SCS our projects include all stages of design from coordination of the consultant team to gathering and providing support information through design and approvals and ultimately to building the project. We understand that the subdivision design and approvals process can be one of the most critical components of a project. At SCS we utilize a dynamic design methodology founded on our technical expertise to recognize the unique needs of a project and achieve cost-effective design solutions in all aspects of a subdivision, including earthworks, site servicing, and road design. Our (…)

Contract Administration

Providing leading and dependable services to our clients

The Contract Administration team at SCS prides it’s self on consistently providing leading and dependable services to our clients. SCS has extensive field and contract administration experience coordinating and conducting site inspections during all stages of construction. From pre to post construction, SCS manages and coordinates contract preparation, tender preparation and analysis, earthworks, roadworks, underground servicing, and above ground project completion.

We believe our team’s daily presence on site provides our clients with a level (…)

Stormwater Management Studies & Design

Innovative and cost effective solutions

We provide a wide variety of services, ranging from preliminary Master Environmental Drainage Plans, Stormwater Management Studies and floodplain assessments to detail design of SWM facilities, Low Impact Development (LID) facilities, Erosion and Sediment Control Plans, Floodplain modification, culvert and Bridge sizing and creek relocation designs as well as monitoring of system performance.

Site Plan Design

Understanding the site plan process and site constraints

With the increasing amount of infill and intensification in many urban areas, site plan applications are on the rise. Understanding the site plan process and site constraints allows us to provide clients with the information they need, as early in the process as possible. We are proud to have been involved in a wide variety of projects, ranging from large-scale retail power centres to single use retail buildings; from high-density and high-rise residential development to medium-density townhouse condominium developments (…)

Group Engineering

Providing cost sharing and infrastructure management services

SCS Consulting Group is proud to have served as the Group Engineer for numerous Landowner Groups, providing cost sharing services ranging from the preparation of the initial draft of the cost sharing principles to issuance of the final trustee release and takes pride in being an industry leader in this field.

SCS Consulting Group Ltd. also acts as the Group Manager for several land (…)

Preliminary Engineering

Successfully aiding our clients in navigating the planning process

SCS prides itself on the quality engineering assistance we have been able to provide our clients in support of obtaining planning and development approvals. We have completed numerous master environmental servicing plans Functional Servicing Reports, Stormwater Management Plans, Floodplain Mapping Assessments, and Limit of Development Evaluations that have successfully aided our clients in through the planning process (…)

Site Investigation and Due Diligence

Integral component of the decision-making process

SCS prides itself with providing our clients with confidential and sound due diligence assistance.

We take the time to thoroughly investigate development construction opportunities and servicing requirements and we find solutions that are both cost-effective and can be delivered within the required timeframe (…)

Public Sector Engineering

Innovative design solutions that save the Client time and money

SCS prides itself on the services provided to our local municipalities in the field of Engineering Review. We have also completed Engineering Standards Updates for several municipalities.

On behalf of several developers and municipalities SCS Consulting Group has undertaken numerous value engineering reviews of projects throughout Ontario. Value engineering is always (…)

UAV Services

Utilizing emerging technologies

SCS is a leader in the emerging technology “Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems” (RPAS) or, commonly known as drones. Over the last five years, we have found efficiencies in using this technology in the land development industry and have had great success with this new and ever expanding technology.  RPAS has enabled us to unlock timely earthworks deliverables (in as little as 48 hours) and work collaboratively with 3D models amongst project team members.

RPAS technology has rapidly emerged in the last few years. SCS has employed RPAS technology over the last 5 years. With 3 airframes and 4 trained pilots, SCS is Transport Canada Advanced Operations compliant.