Professional development is an integral part of our culture at SCS. We encourage our Staff to participate in regularly scheduled lunch and learns, and continue to look for opportunities to enhance our Staff’s skills.

Business Leadership

SCS’s senior staff have attended monthly Crestcom International business and leadership training sessions. This project management training program allows leaders to grow their skills, exchange ideas and share what is working.

Lunch & Learns

With technology and engineering processes constantly changing everyday, we collaborate with  our associates in the industry by hosting lunch and learns at our office. Staff participate and learn about changing standards, cutting edge development practices and products. SCS considers this a high priority for all staff to increase their industry knowledge.

While building the developments of today SCS is now certified in the sustainability of tomorrow. Several staff members attended the Erosion and Sediment Control Training and are now certified.

The course provided erosion and sediment control training for practicing Environmental Monitors (ESC site inspectors) based on guidance provided in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area Conservation Authorities Erosion and Sediment Control Guideline for Urban Construction. All of our SCS field staff participated in the environmental training.


As part of our commitment to excel in the Land Development Industry, the Senior Management Team at SCS participated in The Bullet Proof Manager training program by Crestcom. Crestcom has trained leaders across the world in the areas of management and leadership for over 25 years. The Bullet Proof Manager is an extensive training program designed to enhance the skills of project managers and supervisors. The program impacts all facets of project management; the way we communicate, motivate others, problem solve, deal with stress, delegate, resolve conflict, respond to the dynamic needs of our clients, are all addressed throughout the course.

The Training Program spans 1 year and includes a variety of exercises designed to enhance project management skills, and reinforce new techniques.

A half day is spent each month in a live seminar where the speaker concentrates on two different topics. The seminar is interactive and includes trainees from various industries abroad. The objective of each session is to develop an action plan to implement the skills or techniques outlined in the seminar.

To further enforce the topics covered in the monthly seminar, the Senior Management Team at SCS held meetings following each seminar to discuss the topics and present our action plans to one another.

Graduates of the course are provided with a certificate as well as a library of tools, manuals and DVDs acquired throughout the 1 year training program. The Senior Management Team, as well as all levels of staff, are encouraged to revisit the various course topics regularly to ensure continued growth and development.

Participation in Crestcom’s extensive training program is testament to SCS’ commitment to their staff by providing them with the best training available, to meet and exceed the expectations of our Clients.

SCS is committed to practicing effective erosion and sediment control on construction sites which is essential to mitigating against construction pollution and associated impacts to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Through the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority and CISEC Inc. we have sent many of our staff to the course and exam to become CISEC certified inspectors. With less than 100 Certified Inspectors approved and working in Ontario, we are proud to have 10 Certified Inspectors and counting on staff. All CISEC registrants agree to follow a strict code of ethics and to enhance their careers by continuing to perform inspection services, volunteering their time, and attending educational forums and professional conferences. Inspectors are required to renew their certification every 3 years and complete 36 Continuing development hours within the period. This training ensures our Inspectors are knowledgeable in the principles and practice of sediment and erosion control; possess the skills to assess conditions at the construction site; are able to evaluate disturbance and storage areas; determine whether pollutants enter the stormwater conveyance system; evaluate Best Management Practices (BMPs) for effectiveness; and assess what is happening at discharge locations.

Forester University provides on-line, interactive training and education for our staff to enhance their skills and knowledge in stormwater, erosion control, water efficiency, grading and excavation. Attending these lectures, question and answer sessions and interactive workshops is a great way for SCS staff to stay current with new techniques and technologies taught by industry leaders.