North Greensborough

Landowners Group, Greensborough Community, Town of Markham

North Greensborough Community consists of approximately 24 ha of residential lands and 20 ha of Community Amenity lands, within the north-western portions of the Town’s OPA 51. SCS Consulting Group Ltd. was retained by the North Greensborough Landowners Group to act as the Group Engineer and Manager.

As Group Manager, SCS assisted the Landowners Group in establishing fair and equitable Cost Sharing principles. Once the principles were agreed to, SCS assisted the Landowners Group in preparing the Development Plan Approvals Funding Agreement, and then managed and coordinated all of the consultant team budgeting and invoice tracking.

Highlights of the project from a Group Manager perspective include:

  • Coordination of the Consultant Team for the Secondary Plan Supporting Studies.
  • Administered Cost Sharing Schedules.
  • Organize and Chair Landowner Group Meeting.
  • Assisted Landowners Group in obtaining Draft Plan Approval.

As Group Engineer, SCS completed the Functional Servicing report in support of all the lands within the North Greensborough Area. We were responsible for the detailed design of the core services within the North Greensborough Secondary Plan and managing a significant portion of the community infrastructure design, including two stormwater management facilities with a SWM Pond out letting to the Little Rouge Creek. SCS coordinated the efforts of their design team, as well as the external consultants including surveyors, biologists, landscape architects, geotechnical engineers, archeologists and traffic engineers.

Highlights of the project from a Group Engineer perspective include:

  • Two SWM ponds serving multiple landowners.
  • A combined 900m of collector roads (Alfred Paterson and Delray Drives) through multiple landownership, including coordination of each local and regional intersecting road and the respective municipal services for each right-of-way.