Mattamy Windchimes

Mattamy Windchimes & St. John's Sideroad Intersection, Town of Aurora

SCS Consulting Group undertook project management, detailed design and contract administration for this 73 lot subdivision as part of the Mattamy Development Corporation’s involvement in the Aurora 2B area. SCS staff worked closely with the Town of Aurora and the Region of York to coordinate storm sewer and watermain crossings and connections to service the residential development, as well as a boundary road upgrading and intersection works on St. John’s Sideroad.

Detailed design and construction coordination for the St. John’s Sideroad intersection works involved an extension of a three-culvert system to allow an increase of the road right-of-way for future signalized intersection works. This culvert addition involved construction and inspection coordination with a variety of consultants and sub-contractors to complete the works within a short fisheries window extension required by the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA).

Highlights of the project include:

  • Management and lead construction inspection for this residential subdivision with a variety of development coordination issues.
  • During the earthworks and stormwater pond construction coordination stage, SCS Consulting Group worked with the LSRCA to obtain approval within a 60 day fisheries window to temporarily bridge an old farm creek crossing to allow a route for fill material transfer without having the Client export excess fill due to the existing water course barrier.
  • Hydro (Powerstream) and Bell service line and pole relocations coordinated to accommodate space to complete St. John’s Sideroad (Regional Road) upgrading works.
  • Coordination with adjacent developers to advance their utility construction timing to ensure the Mattamy development would be serviced and commissioned to meet home closing dates set in advance of the neighbouring development schedules.
  • St. John’s Sideroad elliptical storm crossing, directionally drilled watermain along St. John’s Sideroad and connection to existing watermains at the Bayview Avenue intersection.
  • Significant coordination was required between Client, Contractor, Town, and Region for traffic control plan approvals and construction strategies for undertaking the works within Regional high traffic right-ofways.
  • Coordination of timely security reductions through the Region of York for the intersection works, shortly following construction completion and engineering certification.