Molise Kleinburg Estates

City of Vaughan

The Molise Kleinburg Estates Project is a residential development containing several unique characteristics related to Stormwater Management and Site Servicing. SCS Consulting Group was the lead consultant responsible for the engineering design of the subdivision, and obtaining agency approvals.

A system of infiltration trenches within the road cross sections, connected to French Drains within the lots were used instead of conventional street catchbasins and rear lot catchbasins. This storm drainage system assists the Stormwater Management Pond by providing further quality control. It also has the added benefit of allowing stormwater infiltration which will re-charge the groundwater table.

The sanitary servicing for the subdivision required a Pumping Station and 1.5km of forcemain to be constructed within existing City and Regional Roads. In order to minimize the disturbance to traffic, the existing businesses in the community, and to reduce construction costs, the forcemain will be installed by horizontal directional drilling (i.e. trenchless construction).

To allow connectivity between the Molise Kleinburg Subdivision and the adjacent future development across the Canadian Pacific Railway, SCS developed a comprehensive feasibility study to assess the suitability of different pedestrian crossing locations. This study considered several factors such as aesthetics, environmental impacts and constructability.

Highlights of the project include:

  • Infiltration Trenches which increase quality control and promote groundwater re-charge.
  • Sanitary Pumping Station designed to service the proposed development, and the existing community.
  • Trenchless Construction of a 1.5km Sanitary Forcemain within existing roads outletting to the Wastewater Pollution Control Plant.
  • Pedestrian Crossing of CPR Right-of-Way Study which evaluated the feasibility of different crossing locations for both a superstructure and subway structure.