Grand Valley Trails

Phase I

SCS Consulting Group, the staff were responsible for the detailed design, overall coordination, inspection and monitoring of the earthworks, removal of unsuitable fill and site servicing, as well as contract administration and construction of a sanitary pumping station for this project.

SCS civil works included the review and revisions to the existing preliminary detailed design completed by another consultant for subdivision relating to site servicing and grading. Other subdivision responsibilities included coordination of sub-consultants and liaising with approval agencies to attain an aggressive completion schedule. SCS also completed the detailed design of the reconstruction works of the existing/adjacent Johnson Road, where extensive site meetings with the municipality required to aid in the comprehension of the existing drainage and grading constraints so as to minimize its disturbance during the project. Strategic sewer placement was required on Johnson Road due to the existing infrastructure within the roadway.

SCS field servicing included the coordination and inspection of the sanitary sewer, storm sewer and watermain, two large retaining walls and road construction. SCS coordinated with residents, City staff and Contractor to facilitate the successful completion of the project. Grand Valley Trials also required the Construction of a pumping station including installation of the wet well, construction of the building, Gen Set and MCC. SCS acted as liaison between the City, Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), Design Engineer and Contractor to ensure the project’s crucial deadline was achieved.

Highlights of the project include:

  • 214 lot sub-division .
  • Coordinate construction of Sanitary Pumping Station and forcemain.
  • Reconstruction of existing/adjacent Johnson Road (sanitary forcemain, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, and watermain) and trenchless construction of services under a near railway crossing.
  • Construction of large stormwater management pond and coordination of park facilities.
  • Installation of approximately 200m length of retaining wall and 400m length of noise barrier.