Underpass Park

Waterfront Toronto

SCS Consulting Group has been retained by The Planning Partnership on behalf of Waterfront Toronto to provide engineering services in support of the proposed Underpass Park located under and around the Eastern Avenue and the Richmond Street/Adelaide Street overpasses, between Cherry Street and Bayview Avenue. The park proposes to transform the derelict and unused space into a bright, new, urban neighbourhood amenity and key pedestrian connection and passageway. SCS Consulting Group staff is working closely with architectural designers The Planning Partnership and Thinc Design to provide the design of sanitary sewers, storm sewers and watermains to be utilized within the various commercial and recreational facilities proposed within the park.

Highlights of the project include:

  • Underpass Park will be the most extensive park to ever be built under an overpass in Canada and the first ever in Toronto.
  • Blocks 19 and 20 opened to the public in 2012, with Block 18 scheduled to open by Fall 2012.
  • SCS Consulting Group is required to work within the parameters of the existing Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Flood Protection Landform.
  • Approximately 0.6 hectares of park which is covered by the overpasses will be defined by recreational space such as ball hockey and basketball courts, adult recreation facilities and playful climbing structures.
  • It will also be flexible community space that can be used for markets, festivals and community events.