Masters Creek Subdivision

Town of Mono

SCS Consulting Group was responsible for overseeing the overall stormwater design within this 68 lot development including coordination of an Operation and Maintenance Manual for the stormwater management pond system within the site. This manual presented to the Town included siltation control protocol, including cleaning program prior to Town assumption, as well as maintenance activities and approximate annual costs.

Masters Creek native material was granular based with low silt content. Utilizing the Geotechnical report, SCS lobbied the Town to accept the onsite granular material as the sub-base granular with a slight increase to the base granular material. This was accepted by the Town and saved the owner approximately $130,000.00.

As the site consisted of a highly erodible granular material and the elevation difference between the high to low portions of the site was 20m, SCS was continually revising the erosion and sediment controls thought out the construction process to ensure sediment was contained within the site.

SCS site responsibility included inspection of the cut to fill operation and tracking the swings in the earthworks quantities, inspection and as-built surveying of the storm and watermain systems installed, and the inspection and as-built surveying for the construction of the road.

Highlights of the project include:

  • 250 000 m3 of cut to fill on site.
  • Coordinate of the installation and surveying of six settlement monitoring plates in various locations on site.
  • Selection of suitable on-site material for creation of the septic zones to ensure acceptable T-times.
  • Coordination and documentation of the installation and monitoring of the vibration monitoring equipment for adjacent residence.
  • Installation of Geo-Synthetic Clay Liner for the storm pond.