Keswick Business Park

Secondary Plan, Town of Georgina

The Keswick Business Park is a large industrial business park located in Keswick, draining to both the Maskinonge River and the Dovedale Tributary. Steve Schaefer and Sarah Kurtz provided engineering services to the Town of Georgina in support of the Secondary Plan through completion of a Master Servicing Plan and Stormwater Management Plan. Based on the extremely flat topography, the initial stormwater management solution included a linear storm water management facility extending throughout the flatter portions of the business park to minimize the overall earthworks requirements. The stormwater management solution also included on-site infiltration facilities to maintain water balance. Further requirements from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority based on watershed diversions resulted in exploring an alternate stormwater management solution and storm water management pond locations through lowering and extension of a drainage outlet to the Dovedale Tributary and a re-balancing of the overall site earthworks to maintain the natural drainage boundaries. The project included close liaison with York Region to coordinate a sanitary servicing solution including a new pumping station out letting to the Regions proposed forcemain on Woodbine Avenue.