Friday Harbour

Town of Innisfil

SCS Consulting Group is part of a multi-disciplinary consultant team undertaking a broad range of studies in support of this marina resort development. Our role is to provide engineering support during the planning, Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), design phases of the project, including an innovative and extensive treatment train of low impact development techniques to meet the strict runoff control criteria associated with Lake Simcoe and Contract Administration as the project continues to evolve.

Highlights of the project include:

  • A resort community and new golf course including 2000 condominium, townhouse and hotel units, as well as commercial and civic use areas.
  • Construction of a new marina, involving extensive sediment control requirements to mitigate construction impacts on Lake Simcoe and an innovative earthworks program to accommodate the extensive excess fill material.
  • Provision of a unique stormwater management system which eliminated the need for a stormwater management pond within the resort community to maximize the urban landform around the marina. The stormwater system was designed to include an extensive treatment train of Best Management practices to minimize the phosphorous impacts on Lake Simcoe.
  • An innovative sanitary and storm drainage system is required to accommodate the 2km of new shoreline around the marina basin. A series of pumping stations and storage basins is proposed to both minimize the depth of the sewers and the cost of the pumping stations.
  • The project was appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board and was approved in 2007 and is now under construction.