Aurora 2C Landowners Group


SCS Consulting Group was retained by the Aurora 2C Landowners Group to act as the Group Engineer. As Group Engineer, SCS has completed the Master Servicing Study in support of the Secondary Plan and has assisted the Landowners Group in establishing fair and equitable Cost Sharing principles. Working together with the multidisciplinary consultant team, SCS has provided crucial engineering input to the development of the road and lot layout in the Secondary Plan.

SCS will manage the execution of the Agreement by creating and managing the cost sharing schedules, and providing the Engineers certification as a condition for registration of a Development event.

Highlights of the project include:

Secondary Plan Support

  • Prepared Master Servicing Study.
  • Provided Engineering input to the proposed road and lot layout.

Group Engineering Services

  • Create and Administer Cost Sharing Schedules.
  • Prepare Engineers Certificates.
  • Establish Innovation Sanitary Attenuation solutions to maximize Community development.